If you flip houses or invest in real estate loans, we thought you would be interested in the details of this win-win deal.
Last November, one of our borrowers purchased this property in the Prestonwood subdivision of Richardson.  They utilized a $385,000 fix-and-flip loan from Avondale Private Lending and after an extensive renovation the home recently sold for $590,000.  Our borrower had an estimated net profit of $130,000 in less than six months.
Investors in our loan fund also benefited.  The loan was relatively low-risk (65% loan-to-value), and secured by a personal guarantee and first lien deed of trust.  The six month loan had a 10% interest rate plus origination points, and resulted in an internal rate of return of 14%.






Please contact us if you're an interested borrower - renovation, new construction and transactional loans - or an income-focused, accredited investor. 
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Avondale Private Lending is a private investment fund established in 2016 by Avondale Investment Management.  The company is currently funded with $10 million of assets, allowing Avondale to quickly fund loans at favorable rates and terms.  
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